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Everything Precious Deserves a Guarantee

WISeKey has developed new solution to complement WISeAuthentic targeted to independent watchmakers and makers of smaller fashion and jewelery collections who would like to offer the same level of counterfeit protection to their clients, with a lighter infrastructure.

WISeKey continues to spread the word about WISeAuthentic, the revolutionary brand protection technology first launched in 2010. WISeKey joined the fight against counterfeiting by applying its authentication technology to provide each watch with a unique identity that is impossible to duplicate.

By giving a unique identity to a product, WISeAuthentic can not only offer a 100% genuine guarantee, but it also offers the manufacturer with real-time sellout information and a direct communications link with the end-customer. WISeKey has developed WISeAuthentic Software as a Service (SaaS) so all watches, whether from grand fashion houses or independent artisans, can have a WISeAuthentic identity.

WISeAuthentic SaaS is a light and agile solution, fully hosted by WISeKey, and completely scalable.