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Press on WISeAuthentic

WISeKey goes further in luxury Brand Protection with innovative mobile experience


Basel, Switzerland – WISeKey’s anti-counterfeiting technologies revolutionized the high-precision timepiece industry when first launched with Hublot at BaselWorld in 2009 and the security company further enhances the technology to better "empower brands, consumers, distributors, governments and vendors to distinguish genuine goods from illegal imitations".

With its latest implementation at HYT Watches, the WISeAuthentic Brand protection solution is now affordable and scaled for independent watchmakers. The turnkey solution offers brands the strongest identity technology based upon contactless digital warranty cards, bringing the authentication process to clients and retailers.

Looking for easy-to-use and non-forgeable systems for end-clients, WISeKey developed a contactless secure solution that enables retailers to activate the warranty cards in boutiques. Clients can then check the authenticity with their Smartphone, by reading the card with a mobile application, thereby opening new doors for to retail and post-retail experiences.

The new bespoke ‘Sellout’ Management component is dedicated to watchmakers for a providing complete digital integration and communication with their sales networks, allowing sales forecasting.

Mobile based use of digital certificates is not only a premiere in the world of anti-counterfeiting but it is also a way for luxury brands to take advantage of sales real-time management, combat grey market control and improve direct marketing purposes.

With numerous contactless technologies now infiltrating the luxury market, several retail brands have implemented Radio-frequency identification (RFID) within boutiques. WISeKey however, has adopted secure Near Field Communication (NFC) tags for more exclusive solutions. This technology provides endless possibilities for luxury brands to start a digital communication with their clients based upon the product itself. WISeKey has developed a frame for an exclusive community based upon product-owners’ authenticity through use of their NFC warranty card.

“We are not limited to a warranty cards anymore, we are now addressing any luxury product with a contactless secure NFC tag” explained Carlos Moreno, VP Digital Brand Protection at WISeKey.

Present this year at BaselWorld, the company will meet luxury brands that are looking for new ways to enhance their marketing and protect their goods.

WISeKey is a member of the World Economic Forum Global Council on Illicit Trade, bringing together companies severely affected by counterfeiting to educate the public and to find practical solutions using new technology.


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FINANCIAL TIMES - Wisekey expands to watchmakers sales network protection

FINANCIAL TIMES: Week End Edition, 26th January 2013

By Simon de Burton,


WISeAuthentic takes the form of a digital reader and a warranty card containing a unique and non-forgeable digital certificate. The card enables a prospective purchaser or retailer to carry out a cast-iron, high level security check, either online or by using the device in conjunction with the Near Field Communication (NFC) system on a Smart phone.

But, as well as proving that a watch is genuine, WISeAuthentic also contains full details of its sale, ownership and service history.

Ion Schiau, HYT’s vice-president of sales and marketing, admits that the likelihood of one of the brand’s award winning, €40,000 watches being faked is slim (the company uses a bellows system to pump brightly-coloured liquid around the edge of the dial to indicate the hour), but says WISeAuthentic has additional uses.

“HYT’s horology is hybrid and high tech, so to be able to deliver our first watches in December along with another, totally 21st-century system seemed appropriate,” says Mr Schiau.

“Although WISeAuthentic was primarily developed as a tool against fake watches, it is far more wide-ranging than that – as well as containing information about warranty and servicing, it should also prevent any parallel trading as the details of anyone who retails the watch will be stored. Our system will provide access to a private club and tailor made concierge, rental car and hotel booking services,” says Mr Schiau.


Full article Here.

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December 17, 2012 - Bienne


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