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Protecting your clients

Not all consumers of counterfeit goods buy them knowingly.  Consumers that do so involuntarily, without even being aware that the item is a fake, are your clients, who become the victims of counterfeiters’ tricks.  Now there is a solution to allow your brand to protect its image by equipping your valuable items with the best innovative technology on the market.

WISeAuthentic, one of WISeKey’s Digital Brand Protection solutions, grabs the market back from the counterfeiters by guaranteeing the authenticity and the real-time traceability of the goods throughout their life cycle, to the satisfaction of even the most demanding clientele.

Securing Your Treasures

WISeAuthentic is the anti-counterfeiting and sales monitoring system that provides 100% Authentication for your products, offering your customers unmatched value and your business invaluable product life-cycle information.